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NEWS | Code 5 Fitness begins its 21st year of successful training!

Code 5 Fitness started as a grassroots training program for law enforcement officers. Current physical fitness standards for police, sheriffs, corrections, fire and even the armed forces mean specific training for a unique job description that most gym programs don't meet.

Code 5 Fitness founder Tricia Dong, a former VPD officer, knew what kinds of physical demands would be asked of police recruits during their application process, Academy training, and day-to-day duties once they graduated. So she focused her training on functional movement, not muscles, to get her clients "Fit For Duty!" Her experience, combined with fitness training knowledge, make her an invaluable resource for those serious about a career in law enforcement and public safety.



Code 5 Fitness classes provide clients the most comprehensive and balanced functional training programs, focussing specifically on real-life issues and scenarios. Currently offering 

POPAT/ PARE/ SOPAT/ COPAT instruction and practice sessions at the 
Chinese Cultural Centre in the heart of Vancouver's historic Chinatown.



On the street, there is no ring or cage, there are no referees, and you cannot tap out. With no medals for second place in a real-world attack, there
is only one winner, and in this workshop,
it shall be YOU. Tricia will show you
what to do to ensure you have the mental preparedness, self-confidence, and physical capabilities to defeat
your attacker.


Kettlebells focus on movement, not muscle. Clients quickly discover just how functional training with kettlebells can be as the core strength-building benefits transfer to realistic, daily-life situations. Instead of isolating single muscles like with barbells or dumbbells, kettlebell movements work the entire body as a unit. 


"Instructors are great as they have an in-depth knowledge of PARE and POPAT.

They provided constructive criticism and ample support for would-be applicants (or current applicants). It is also a wonderful place to network and support other fellow individuals who aspire to be LEOs. I would strongly recommend those who are interested in policing to try it out as the knowledge gained from this workshop will prove invaluable in preparing oneself for the physical test. I would like to personally thank Tricia and Steve for their support!"

P.D., RCMP Recruit




Phone: 604-789-7175


Police Fitness Training Location:
Chinese Cultural Centre -

50 E. Pender Street, Vancouver, BC

(enter off Carrall St)

Or send us a message: 

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We'll get back to you soon.

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