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Certifications over the years include OKC, KetAcademy, RKC, SFG, ATSCI, IKSFA


Trish became a Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certified Instructor (RKC) in June 2006, assist-instructed in LA 2008 and Philly 2010, and is working hard to bring the best kettlebell training and programs to Vancouver!


"It was a tough and gruelling three days of sweat-dripping, fear-inspiring, pain-tolerating training with the best instructors on the continent – and I loved every minute of it!" she says.  And what she knows is that she's become a better trainer, with a passion and energy that's infectious. If you have any questions on kettlebells or training, call 604-789-7175 or e-mail

It can not only make you powerful, strong, and resilient, but also lean, flexible and graceful. It gets your heart pumping, boosts your energy levels, and melts fat faster than a deep fryer. And it’s been around for only a few hundred years. It's a kettlebell, and it’s the latest North American strength-training obsession.


Kettlebells are an ancient Russian weight-training tool shaped like a cannonball with a thick handle. They range in weight from 4kg (9lbs) to 48kg (105lbs), and are quickly becoming the strength tool of choice for athletes, coaches, and trainers. But kettlebells are for more than just the pros and ‘hardcore’ fitness buffs – everyone and anyone can lift kettlebells and reap muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits with every workout.


Whether you are a fitness neophyte or an experienced trainer, kettlebells have a place in every program. Stay-at-home parents, busy executives, the time-pressed and budget-conscious all find kettlebells are the answer to their fitness needs. There’s no need to buy an expensive gym membership or have a lot of space to stack all the dust-collecting, late-night-TV gizmos – kettlebells are a complete hand-held gym that you can take anywhere.


Kettlebells focus on movement not muscle. Clients quickly discover just how functional training with kettlebells can be as the core strength-building benefits transfer to realistic, daily-life situations. Instead of isolating single muscles like with barbells or dumbbells, kettlebell movements work the entire body as a unit. Bodybuilders and figure competitors strive towards muscle size, definition, and symmetry, but often have a weak core. Kettlebell gireviks (KB lifter), however, become stronger from the inside out.


Kickstart Kettlebells Workshop (KB Fit: Intro)

This 2-hour introductory workshop is for beginners wanting to learn basic general fitness kettlebell technique to establish a strong foundation. After this session, participants will be able to drop-in to any class that uses KBs, or if they have their own bell, work confidently on their own. 

Contact us for more information on dates, times, and locations.

Introduction to Girevoy Sport (KB Sport: Intro)

This 2-hour workshop concentrates on and reviews the fundamental lifts in Girevoy (Kettlebell) Sport: the Snatch and Long Cycle (Clean & Jerk) events; emphasis is on technique and form.  After this session, participants will be able to lift in group GS classes, or train with a coach with the goal of entering a GS competition. 

Contact us for more information on dates, times, and locations.



  • Core strength:  kettlebell movements teach the body to stabilize the core, as almost all movements are done free-standing.

  • Strength: kettlebell training develops strength in ALL planes of movement. We live and play in a three-dimensional world, and we should train accordingly.

  • Flexibility/Mobility: kettlebell training promotes the body to ‘open’ up due the nature of multi-planer movement, and promotes increased range-of-motion in the joints.

  • Balance and stability: kettlebell training is off-centred and focused. This calls for tremendous attention to balance as the weight travels through the air.

  • Coordination: kettlebell training teaches ‘connection’ of your upper and lower body. This element provides athletes a superior edge in their training protocol due to greater body rhythm and awareness.

  • Acceleration/Deceleration: most training protocols address acceleration but not deceleration, which is why most athletes get injured in a ‘deceleration’ mode. Kettlebell training addresses both acceleration and deceleration, therefore enhancing athletic performance.

  • Load/Explode: kettlebell training offers a different type of loading that allows the athlete to combine all of the above elements and teach the body to be strong and resilient in ‘compromised’ positions

  • Resilience to Injury: kettlebell training offers complete development in all planes of movement, therefore preventing more injuries.

  • Cardio: kettlebell training, especially ballistic exercises, will enhance cardiovascular training. The conditioning aspect will also help to develop better weight management.


It's been two years since my time at Code 5, (and before that I was also doing bootcamps and Kettlebells with Code 5) and I still recommend it to people. It's very important to Trish that everyone gets their money's worth. I've seen her take 10 min of class time to support and convince an individual that they CAN get over the popat vault, and that the only obstacle is in their head.

Her kettlebell program and bootcamp workouts are also designed with police applicants in mind. Trish has a true gift for looking at a park/playground/greenspace and developing a challenging workout around it (as anyone who has raised and lowered a sandbag on a rope from the staircase under 'the bridge' can attest). Everything has a reason.

Lots of people have gone to Code 5, and have been successful with various police departments. They become great resources for the people they're in class with, as well as others who start later. This info all gets rolled into the program.

I think the worst thing about Code 5 is that if you're successful, you could be posted two (or more) provinces away! I miss the workouts and other 'regulars' a lot...but I did go get my own set of Kettlebells...

C.S., RCMP Officer

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