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Code 5 Fitness started as a grassroots training program for law enforcement officers. Current physical fitness standards for police, sheriffs, corrections, fire and even the armed forces mean specific training for a unique job description that most gym programs don't meet.

Code 5 Fitness founder Tricia Dong, a former VPD officer, knew what kinds of physical demands would be asked of police recruits during their application process, Academy training, and day-to-day duties once they graduated. So she focused her training on functional movement, not muscles, to get her clients "Fit For Duty!" Her experience, combined with fitness training knowledge, make her an invaluable resource for those serious about a career in law enforcement and public safety.

Eventually, word got out about the fun and effective training methods Tricia employed during her clinics, and more and more 'civilians' started coming out. Now, Code 5 Fitness classes are a mix of sworn members, police and fire applicants, army reservists, athletes, and every level of the general fitness population from beginners to advanced! The meaning of "Fit for Duty!" has now expanded to encompass all definitions of duty - whether it be accountable to yourself as an individual, your family as a parent or spouse, your career, your country... what is your duty?

Code 5 Fitness is for those people who are serious about training for a career in law enforcement and public safety.  Whether you are contemplating applying to police, sheriffs, corrections, fire, military, or other public service agency, need to train for an upcoming fitness assessment or testing, or wish to maintain your current fitness level with a challenging exercise program, we have a workout for you!


We are proud to announce our flagship Police Training Program has a new home at the Chinese Cultural Centre in historic Chinatown, Vancouver, BC! We look forward to a fantastic start to this new beginning!

Ready to Commit to Your Training?

This is a 6-week program incorporating consecutive weekly training as described below.  It is the best way to monitor improvements and track results, under the watchful supervision of Code 5 staff. In our opinion, the most improvement and gains come from a steady program which holds you accountable to consistent training, a solid work ethic, and positive attitude. At Code 5, we pride ourselves on creating excellent candidates.This program will be your best bet for success! Drop-ins are welcome. This course is also available as a recreational challenge for those simply curious about police training!

Police Training Class - Physical Test Practice

Fall-Winter: Note THURSDAY evenings

Drop-ins available for all sessions.

Full Program: August 31 - October 5, 7:30 -9:30pm (6 weeks)
Location: Chinese Cultural Centre, 50 E. Pender,  Vancouver, BC

Cost: $250
Drop-ins: $50 
How to register: E-mail or  call (604) 789-7175

Front Line First Responders (LEO, Fire, BCEHS, Sheriff, Corrections, Canadian Forces, Park Rangers, show your badge to Fiver Staff for a 50% discount! Thank you for your service! Volunteers with a Community Policing Centre receive a 25% discount. Thank you for volunteering!


A client favourite, the Skid Row Walking Tour is an essential and invaluable life and career lesson for police hopefuls and civilians alike.  Shocking and saddening, yet profoundly eye-opening and inspiring, we take a 2-hour stroll through the most notorious neighbourhood in North America for a first-hand glimpse of what life is like in the DTES – from a local perspective. What you see in sanitized media stories is often quite different than the stark reality of everyday life in Canada’s poorest postal code. Each tour yields different experiences, from honest talks with addicts, long-time residents, outreach workers, to tours of S.R.O.s, emergency shelters, detox, community resources, and more.


***Cancellation Policy*** 


All clients agree to provide Code 5 Fitness with 24 hours cancellation notice of the scheduled date and time of training, or will pay for the session in full. In case of sickness or injury AND with a doctor's note, the missed session(s) can be made up within 30 days from the original scheduled session. Code 5 Fitness reserves to right to alter posted class dates and/ or times with a minimum of one week notice.


"Code 5 is more than just preparation for a tough career. You meet lifelong supporters and family with this group. I took part in PARE prep over 3 years ago and I cannot express how awesome it was. Tricia, even to today, checks in on me and my career (3 yrs CBSA). If you’re considering a law enforcement career you need to do this program. I had no idea what the physicals were and when I left code 5 I felt prepared. Even ran at training as one of the "done this" crew. Not to mention friends for life. Stay safe out there."

K.S., CBSA Officer

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