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"Instructors are great as they have an in-depth knowledge of PARE and POPAT.

They provided constructive criticism and ample support for would-be applicants (or current applicants). It is also a wonderful place to network and support other fellow individuals who aspire to be LEOs. I would strongly recommend those who are interested in policing to try it out as the knowledge gained from this workshop will prove invaluable in preparing oneself for the physical test. I would like to personally thank Tricia and Steve for their support!"

P.D., RCMP Recruit

Police Fitness

"6 months of coming on and off and today I finally ran a 4:29 PARE. I cried. There were lots of hugs. Feeling the love <3 thank you all so much for helping me through this journey! Trish, I'm off to grab a latte now lol! "


"I came to code five almost a year ago to improve my edge in the popat. What I received was not only outstanding coaching for the physical component, but also huge insight to the mental challenge. I've come along way with my time at code five and attribute my success to a positive attitude and amazing support from the fiver family. You won't find finer training for LEO anywhere! Starting popat time 3:50, current popat time 3 flat. Come taste the pennies!"

L.D., RCMP Officer

"Such a fantastic group of people and volunteers that run this program and company! My first session did not intimidate me at all...I felt more empowered by all who were at the session I attended Mon February 16th! Thank you!"


"The equation is simple.  Training with Code 5 Fitness = Success!

When I started training with Tricia Dong, I had no idea exactly what the physical requirements for policing would be.  With Tricia's expertise, experience and coaching, I was able to both mentally and physically prepare myself for the challenge of passing my POPAT and 1.5 mile run.

Tricia helped me to achieve new personal bests with my 1.5 mile run and my POPAT times.  Rain or shine, she was always there running the clinics and helping us to improve.  Tricia helped me to push myself physically and mentally beyond what I thought was my best.  Thanks to the Code 5 Fitness Clinics and Tricia's encouragement, I achieved my goal and was chosen to become a Police Constable.  Thanks Trish - I couldn't have done it without you!"

A.P., Vancouver Police Constable

"When I started the POPAT class, I could only complete 4 laps. And with just 8 weeks in your class, I achieved a time of 3.35. You are an amazing instructor and I appreciate all the encouragement you have given me. For all those who want to pass the POPAT or just get faster, this is a must have class for you.
Thank you Trish."

Mark Goh

"I dropped in to your POPAT class on Monday, March 20/06 with the hopes of learning a few little tips for improving my time....I had previously run the course in 4:17. 
Thanks to your great advice, I officially ran the course again on March 30/06 and achieved a time of 3:46! (I am on to the next stage in the recruiting process)
Keep up the great work.


"I participated in your Police Training drop-in class back on March 17.  I found the class to be very organized, well-instructed and was great practice for the real thing.  I left the drop-in class with the time of 3:41.  I pushed myself to the limit that night and I didn't think I could do any better.  At my PARE test I scored a 3:20!  I wasn't as winded as the first time, so I think I could have done even better.  A large majority of credit for the improved time has to go to you and the techniques you teach during your class, thank you.
I hope to be a part of another one of your classes in the near future. I find kettlebell training very interesting and challenging.  See you soon.

K. Tarampi, Police Applicant

"Code 5 is more than just preparation for a tough career. You meet lifelong supporters and family with this group. I took part in PARE prep over 3 years ago and I cannot express how awesome it was. Tricia, even to today, checks in on me and my career (3 yrs CBSA). If you’re considering a law enforcement career you need to do this program. I had no idea what the physicals were and when I left code 5 I felt prepared. Even ran at training as one of the "done this" crew. Not to mention friends for life. Stay safe out there"

K.S., CBSA Officer

"This was an amazing experience !!! I want to thank Tricia and her team for providing me with excellent training in preparation for the SOPAT. Thanks to her and her team, I was able to shave enough time to put me on the low 3's and stand out in the hiring process !! Awesome work ethic and support made for a great training experience !! I highly recommend it to any one who is preparing for a law enforcement career or just wants to challenge themselves to awesome workouts !!! Thanks again to Tricia and the Code 5 team !!!"

O.C., BC Sheriffr

"Why Code 5?
Teamwork - because we work together to find success
Discipline - We show you what it takes to be a leader
Support - All you need to succeed is found here
Determination - We will never give up
Code 5 is a learning environment to get you both physically and mentally prepared for the challenges to come. POPAT, PARE, SOPAT, COPAT.
The team at Code 5 is dedicated to their pupils and will coach and guide them to accomplishing their goals. All the support needed is found here.

Victoria Whiffin, Personal Trainer

"I started training with Code 5 fitness in the summer of 2005 to prepare myself for the physical aspect of being a police officer.  The classes I attended and the instruction I received helped me obtain my career goals and my personal goals. I am now a police constable in the Police Academy and the fitness that is required is very be ready!  Code 5 can help you get there."

K.G., Vancouver Police Constable

"The Police Training Program was very helpful for me. It allowed me to get to know the POPAT course and identified areas where I could shave off valuable seconds. The POPAT is as much about knowing and practicing the course as it is effort and fitness level. The additional running component allowed me to train with intervals and hills which I feel was integral to my fitness level.


I began training with Trish to increase my fitness level and make myself a more competitive candidate for policing.  Trish is an expert and pioneer in her field. She is full of knowledge and experience. She helped me increase my cardiovascular level and introduced ways for me to cut my POPAT time. After training with Trish, I became the more competitive candidate I had set out to be; I cut my POPAT time by 35 seconds and my run time by 70 seconds.  Working with Trish not only got me there, but each day I draw on the determination, persistence and guts I redefined in myself because of her. I could not have done it with out you Trish!"

B. Hendriks, Vancouver Police Constable

"It's been two years since my time at Code 5, (and before that I was also doing bootcamps and Kettlebells with Code 5) and I still recommend it to people. It's very important to Trish that everyone gets their money's worth. I've seen her take 10 min of class time to support and convince an individual that they CAN get over the popat vault, and that the only obstacle is in their head.
Her kettlebell program and bootcamp workouts are also designed with police applicants in mind. Trish has a true gift for looking at a park/playground/greenspace and developing a challenging workout around it (as anyone who has raised and lowered a sandbag on a rope from the staircase under 'the bridge' can attest). Everything has a reason. Lots of people have gone to Code 5, and have been successful with various police departments. They become great resources for the people they're in class with, as well as others who start later. This info all gets rolled into the program.
I think the worst thing about Code 5 is that if you're successful, you could be posted two (or more) provinces away! I miss the workouts and other 'regulars' a lot...but I did go get my own set of Kettlebells...

C.S., RCMP Officer

"I never thought I'd have fun working out. Then I came to Code 5. I get to have fun AND reach my goals! Best workouts ever!"

R.W., RCMP Detective

"My desire to become a Police Constable and exceed the physical requirements of the job turned out to be a 4 and a half year quest that I couldn’t have achieved without the help of Tricia and others.


My first mile and a half run was done in 14 minutes 32 seconds and my first POPAT in 5 minutes and 20 seconds.  I endured shin splint injuries that resulted in an unpleasant series of injuries followed by recovery that made it impossible for me to improve upon my running time.  I tried everything to overcome this: consultation with my Doctor, physiotherapy, massage therapy, special exercises and stretching. Nothing worked! I was about to abandon my dream of becoming a Police Constable when a friend of a friend referred me to Tricia and Code 5 Fitness.


During my first meeting with Tricia she asked a lot of questions, said she couldn’t train me until I received treatment from Dr. Cleland, at Synergy Chiropractic, and I felt that I was onto something positive.  Dr. Cleland performed an initial assessment outlining the areas of improvement I needed to make and an 8 week action plan. Following the use of orthotics, treatments twice a week and a regiment of stretching I was able to get my mile and a half run down to 11 minutes and 55 seconds in only 6 weeks.  A big achievement for me!


I took the initiative to “plug into” the resources Code 5 Fitness provides: referral to a Dietitian, Kettlebells, the YWCA POPAT/PARE training program, the VPD Judo Club, volunteer opportunities and the forum Code 5 provides to interact with other applicants.  Throughout this Tricia provided me with the support to compete, perform at my best, improve myself and achieve throughout my police applications. Code 5 provided more for me than just physical training and I am truly thankful.


My 4 and a year half quest has resulted in my best mile and a half run time of 10:40, my best POPAT time of 3:18 and my best PARE time of 3:32. 


If you’re willing to provide the blood, sweat and tears; you can achieve your dream too!"

B. D., RCMP constable

"I started training with Trish at Code 5 Fitness with the hopes that she could give me the tips and skills needed to successfully pass the PARE.  The first time I ran the course, I was out of breath and came in with a time over 5 minutes.  I signed up for the Code 5 Fitness for Law Enforcement Course, got myself a Fiver Card and within 6 weeks I ran a competitive time of 4 minutes and 7 seconds!  My PARE time was competitive and now I have been accepted into the RCMP training program!  I could not have done this without Trish's support, empowerment, butt kicking classes...oh and imagining Trish yelling at me while running the course didn't hurt either!  Give Code 5 Fitness a try!  You won't regret it!"



"I am 53 years old, and have been training for various activities since I was 14. These activities include track and rugby in high school, football at SFU, martial arts (stickfighting, grappling, kickboxing), triathlon, kayaking, and hiking the Inca trail in Peru. I have tried LSD (long slow distance, not the drug!), interval training, circuit training, High Intensity Training, and a lot other stuff. The best total fitness training I have ever tried is Trish Dong's Kettlebell class.

I started 1 1/2 years ago, thinking I would pick up a kettlebell, a few pointers, and then do my own thing. I am still taking the class, I am still learning, I am very impressed with kettlebells, and even more so with Trish. Kettlebells work the body as a unit, from the toes to the top of the head. They teach you how to use your body as a total entity, not a collection of isolated parts. When you finish a workout, all your muscles are worked (especially the oh-so-trendy core), your lungs are baked, and your agility has been improved (once you can walk without wobbling).

But kettlebells are a tool, and like any tool, you need to know how to use them.... and this is what Trish can do. She has a rare ability to teach movement, and to inspire people. She can lead a group class, while monitoring and correcting each person, and, if need be, modifying the work out to suit individual strengths and weaknesses. This is a very rare skill. In closing, the best way to find out about kettlebells, and about good solid instruction is to come out and try it... to quote Emerson, "Do the thing, and you will have the power."

Lew Cottell - Lakan Isa (black belt) Maharlika Arnis

"The integration of Kettlebells forces you to really incorporate your core. When you go to the gym, most exercise is about isolation training and that does not coordinate the body to work as one. But with Kettlebells, it forces your body to basically have everything work as one, especially the core. And anybody that really understands where your power comes from, it comes from your core. For people training for the push/pull in Tricia's POPAT class, remember how Trish always talks about using your core with explosiveness, and demonstrating how to move your hips to create true power in the body? The byproduct of training with Kettlebells is that you become more explosive, and this you cannot achieve with a bodybuilding-type of workout, which does not help to integrate the body. The Kettlebell concept delivers a total body workout with muscular and cardio training like no other. After just a couple of weeks, my ability to perform physical tasks that require total body strength and core strength increased noticeably and rapidly, especially for the push/pull. If you want to invest your time in any sort of training or conditioning and get the maximum results in the minimum amount of time, you want Tricia's Kettlebell training."

Mark Goh

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