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2003 - 2023, celebrating 2 decades!

The Code 5 Fitness Police Training Program --

often imitated, never duplicated.

Simply put, we create excellent candidates.


Our flagship class features obstacle courses for POPAT, PARE, COPAT, and SOPAT, held at the West Point Grey Community Centre on Tuesday evenings. Details below:


  • Session I:   Jan 10 - Feb 28, every Tuesday 1930 - 2130hrs

  • Session II:  Mar 7 - April 25, every Tuesday 1930 - 2130hrs 

  • Drop-ins:    Jan 3 - April 25, every Tuesday 1930 - 2130hrs ($50 / 1 class)


The Police Fitness Training program consists of POPAT/ PARE/ SOPAT/ COPAT obstacle course instruction, practice, and complete run-through (individual practice test),  as well as the Beep Test (optional). Participants will not only receive a realistic expectation of fitness conditioning standards for a career in law enforcement but guidance and mentorship in navigating the daunting application process. This class is open to the public, with no minimum fitness level required. 


We currently do not provide certificates for official testing scores.



West Point Grey Community Centre

(4397 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6R 1K4). 



Call the West Point Grey Community Centre at

604-257-8140 for questions regarding registration.


For more information about Code 5 Fitness, send an email to

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